Small Claims Court


Glenlake Paralegal is not a high volume paralegal outfit. We are a small business with a world of experience, just like you.


 The legal limit for a dispute in "the people's court" is $25,000.00.

Don't leave your money on the table

Landlord/Tenant Matters


It is your property - it does not belong to the tenants. Glenlake paralegal represnts your interests in disputes with tenants. 


Ask how Glenlake Paralegal can help you vet your tenants with background and credit checks 


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Although the law in Canada allows an individual to represent themselves in legal proceedings, it is often difficult for the layman to navigate the labyrinth of the Law.


While this is true, the task is best handled by one trained in the law. Someone who has no formal legal education or experience in how to navigate the labyrinth of the Canadian courts, as well as the 240 + Agencies, Boards, and Commissions of Ontario is not a suitable representative.

Small Claims Court: Is that Right?
There are many rules to follow for a small claim, and you need to know the common law to navigate a Small Claims Court process.  Hiring a paralegal will save money in the long run.


You can come out on top by recovering more of your money (or reducing the amount of money having to be paid).

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Straight talk starts now.

Mistakes can be costly.


Self-representation is never a good idea. In fact, some would argue that a lawyer or paralegal representing his or her own interests is even more foolish than a layperson.


In Ontario, you can be represented by a lawyer, or in many situations you can be represented effectively and more economically by a paralegal.


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Landlord Tenant Act: DID YOU KNOW?

That the Landlord/Tenant Tribunal holds a Landlord to a very high standard at the hearings?


If your interests are not properly represented at the hearing, you may have to begin the process again. 


Not only does that cost money, but the very tenants you are opposing will have months added, remaining the unit and usually rent free. 

In this case, hiring a paralegal will save money, not cost money. 

Ask how Glenlake Paralegal can help you vet your tenants with background and credit checks

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